In the competitive world of infrastructure development, winning multi-million-pound contracts demands not only technical expertise but a strategic approach to bidding. This case study delves into how our collaborative approach paved the way for our client to secure a coveted spot on the Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+) framework.

The opportunity

MHA+ presented an extraordinary opportunity for our client to clinch a significant role in the £960 million local authority highways framework. This framework, known as PSP 4, this encompassed a comprehensive scope, including services for highways, civil, and municipal engineering projects across various regions of England. The services covered a broad spectrum, from highway improvements and maintenance to drainage enhancements, town centre enhancements and waste management infrastructure.

EiB approach and involvement

To ensure the success of the bid, we assembled a dedicated team comprising a Bid Director, Bid Manager, and Bid Writer. This team provided the foundation for strategic guidance, content creation, and submission crafting. The collaboration extended to subject matter experts within the client’s organisation, fostering a comprehensive approach that embedded winning themes and strategies. The key elements of EiB’s approach included:

Total Integration: Our team worked seamlessly onsite with the client’s team, co-locating at the client’s premises for three days a week. This close collaboration was identified as a critical factor in the bid’s success.

Review Personas: A novel approach was adopted where different reviewers assessed the submission from various angles, including readability, technical compliance, and alignment with evaluation criteria. This approach ensured a well-rounded evaluation.

Collective Storyboarding: At the outset, a two-day workshop involving bid directors, SMEs, and writers collectively storyboarded each response. This innovative method brought consistency and cohesion across responses, proving invaluable during later stages.

Ongoing SME Engagement: Throughout the drafting phase, we maintained constant engagement with subject matter experts. The proximity of the teams facilitated seamless interactions, eliminating the need for scheduled sessions.

Success and outcomes

Our collaborative and strategic efforts suceeded as our client secured a coveted spot on the MHA+ framework. This achievement holds even more significance considering the presence of an incumbent contractor for three generations of the contract. The winning tender not only opened doors to the highways framework but highlighted the effectiveness of a collaborative, well-orchestrated bidding strategy. Our involvement from inception of the bid through to the final submission underpins the potential for success of expert bid management and strategic partnerships.