Owing to our advice on developing a strategy and providing end-to-end bid management, coordination and writing support, our client secured contracts for inspecting and maintaining the Avonmouth and Severn Bridges.

The opportunity

EiB helped its client win a 15-year inspections and maintenance contract for the Avonmouth and Severn Bridges. In securing this specialist bridge inspections and maintenance (SBIM) contract, our client will manage three major bridge structures: the M5 Avonmouth Bridge, the M4 Prince of Wales Bridge and the M48 Severn Bridge. Our client is a leading UK infrastructure services and engineering company that has extensive bridge knowledge, operational and technical expertise and asset management capabilities.

EiB approach and involvement

Building on a successful long-term relationship, EiB supported the development of its client’s winning bid strategy. EiB CEO Scott Brown and the team provided strategic thinking, challenging our client to deliver a market-leading tender.

Our EiB bid team, led by EiB Bid Manager Gordon Wilson, worked closely with our client’s subject matter experts to craft this tender. Collaborating with the bid team throughout the tender process, we coordinated a robust bid programme, adhering to key milestones and reviews to deliver a winning bid. We incorporated innovative approaches to gather demonstrable evidence of capability and experience.

Success and outcomes

Through a robust bid programme and our one-team approach with the client’s bid team, we produced an outstanding submission. It demonstrated our client’s capability and capacity, drawing upon their experience in managing the Forth Road Bridge. In winning this £240 million tender, our client will import its wealth of operational and technical bridge knowledge to deliver benefits for the south west. It will create a safe and efficient network for road users by using effective and innovative ways of working.

“I am really proud of our strategic work winning team that provided end-to-end bid strategy, management and writing expertise. We worked closely with a team of exceptional subject matter experts to develop a market-leading solution and tender. This successful result is testament to the one-team approach established with our client and the EiB team and our outstanding collaborative partnership.”

Scott Brown, EiB CEO