In July 2023, Somerset Council procured their surface treatment contract under a new delivery model. This enabled our client to client bid directly to the Council for the first time.

Building upon our client relationship, we provided a work winning team for bid management and writing support. With over 100 pages required for the tender, a larger bid than our client was familiar with, our team included two bid writers to work closely with our client.

The opportunity

In the new contracting model, Somerset Council placed high importance upon value-for-money and contractor transparency. Our client had indirectly delivered surface treatment to Somerset Council for 13 years and from day one of the bid lifecycle focused on demonstrating how they could provide an innovative, efficient and transparent service.

EiB approach & involvement

Bid Director, Soffia Marlin, led the team and managed the deliverables of the tender. She hosted a kick-off and strategy workshop to help the client identify win themes and decide their added value. The kick-off meeting confirmed the bid timescales, identifying time required to draft responses, conduct in-depth reviews and produce high quality responses. Our bid writers worked with experts within our client’s organisation to incorporate technical input and with Somerset Council’s contract objectives in mind, our client enhanced their offering to focus on innovative approaches and community engagement. This demonstrated their commitment to delivering a service which will add value for all road users and residents across Somerset.

With the larger opportunity for our client, Bid Director, Gordon Wilson, provided a strategic review. Gordon assessed how the responses would be scoring against Somerset Council’s tender requirements. Our bid writers worked collaboratively with our client to incorporate this feedback, constructively challenging the information provided to ensure it met the mark. This support enabled our client to strengthen their responses, meeting all compliance requirements whilst enhancing their offer with added value for Somerset Council.

Success & outcomes

Our client were successful in securing the surface dressing contract, with a minimum of four years of work from Somerset Council. The size of this tender supported a large shift in our client’s approach to procurement, as they fully engaged a team of experts in the storyboard process and workshopped solutions to innovation and added value for Somerset.

The win has highlighted our client as leading experts in their field, with quality of their service complemented by use of cutting edge technology from Australia.