Two of our bid writers have been promoted to Senior Bid Writers as a result of their invaluable contributions and our continual investment in their futures.

Amina and Imogen have showcased their abilities in strategic challenge and development with our clients, supporting our bid writing team and writing high-quality tender responses. They have ensured our client’s final submissions are aligned and responsive to end client concerns, underpinned by interrogation of the scope, works information and other public-facing material.

Their progression into a Senior Bid Writer role represents one of multiple routes that our bid writers can pursue in their career at EiB, including bid management, bid direction and a variety of enrichment roles to add value to the individual and the business. As a company, we invest in our people and develop their competencies, skills and behaviours to deliver successful client outcomes and assist them in their career goals.

Developing and supporting our bid writers in their career progression

Through our Personal Development Reviews, we work with our bid writers to develop a Personal Development Plan, including setting SMART targets. These are informed by their individual career goals, as well as their bespoke interests in our business operations which can be developed into enrichment roles. This is preceded by, and continuously reviewed through, regular 1-2-1s between our writers and their line managers, in which career goals are developed and shaped. Our writers maintain Personal Evidence Notes, a key tool for them to capture their internal and external feedback. They use this tool to track their own progression against the Personal Development Plan, demonstrating their relevant experience for roles they aim towards.

The outcomes of our Personal Development Plans are then fed into our resourcing team, informing resourcing decisions to support career development. For example, if bid management is a career goal, our resourcing team will identify opportunities for the writer to take on coordination responsibilities alongside their writing responsibilities. Or, if they want to pursue a Senior Bid Writer role, our resourcing team will ensure the writer has the breadth of writing experience across sectors.

Our Professional Heads, Senior Bid Writers and Bid Managers play a crucial role in mentoring, guiding them in upskilling to fulfil their desired role expectations and providing shadowing opportunities in live bid environments. This also upskills our writers in effective mentorship, an additional role expected following their progression into the senior bid writing team.

Our Professional Heads work together to regularly update and maintain our Skills and Competencies Matrix, allowing them to identify our writers’ areas for development. This leads to investment into specific external courses and training. For example, we worked with external consultant BodyTalk to upskill our bid writing staff in professional communications with our clients.  The matrix also enables us to identify targeted coaching in development areas, provided by either external consultants or our most senior staff.

Our commitment to developing our people with a clear, defined roadmap for career progression has led to a 94% retention rate in our graduate programme.

Looking forward

We will continue to invest in Amina and Imogen’s growth and development, including their areas of interest e.g. via enrichment roles. Committed to our mission of investing in our people, we will continually support more of our bid writers in their career progression.