Written by Joe Stewart, reflecting on joining EiB after four months in the job

 I joined EiB in mid-October and enjoyed an energising end to 2023, packing in an induction, staff conference, and a bid by one of our strategic clients to deliver infrastructure on a nationally important rail mainline – not to mention my wedding and honeymoon! As 2024 arrived I started working on my next bid for an Irish client, reflecting EiB’s growing presence in Ireland. I’m no longer the new person, either, as we have since welcomed Andrew, Zak, Sangeeta, Antony and Marion.

The festive period gave me time to reflect on joining EiB. As someone who has worked in a bid consultancy environment, I already had a sense of what the company and role might offer. I’m pleased to say both have exceeded my expectations.

The EiB culture

The friendliness of EiB’s people was evident from my interview onwards, and I believe it is truly embedded in the culture. I have been warmly received by everyone I have met, spoken to, or worked with, and made to feel that no person or question is off-limits. What could have been a baptism of fire – attending the APMP Awards Dinner on my third day – was a joy, and a great opportunity to get to know the team. This was followed in December by the staff conference, which brought all staff together in Birmingham for a company update, a series of excellent presentations, and a fiercely competitive game involving a rope (which quickly undid any team bonding).

The team’s professionalism has also quickly become apparent over the course of my first two bids. Bidding can be a challenging business, and I have seen my new colleagues maintain their resilience, patience, adaptability, and most importantly their good humour. This results in no small part from the emphasis placed on collaboration and mutual support at all levels of the company. I have already worked in bid teams with directors and graduates, bid managers and writers, who have supported each other as equals to achieve the best possible outcome. As a new starter, this gives me confidence that EiB will continue to attract and retain clients – which is crucial for my future career – while being a sustainable environment in which to work as a bid writer.

The flexible model to working collaboratively

Another aspect of EiB that has impressed me is the company’s approach to remote working. EiB employs staff in all corners of the UK from the Outer Hebrides to Berkshire, where I live. People are trusted, equipped, and empowered to work from home, with the understanding that we will come to an EiB office, or attend client site, where this benefits our clients’ bids or our personal development. In the short term, this ethos allows me to avoid a lengthy and costly daily commute, without compromising my development or the quality of my work. Longer-term, it means that if I need or want to move, I can – safe in the knowledge that I can continue to work at EiB.

Looking ahead

I am looking forward to the growth and challenges 2024 will bring as I begin my first full year at EiB, and my sixth year as a bid writer. I feel lucky to be working for this ambitious, growing, and friendly company, and motivated to contribute to its ongoing success as we continue to deliver outstanding work for our clients.