The nature of work winning consultancy has taken a systemic shift since 2020. In just three years, EiB has doubled its in-house team, creating a fully flexible, hybrid UK-wide team.

In 2022, the company opened a new office in the heart of Birmingham and expanded into Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Rapid growth is only possible because of the calibre of people within our business. Ahead of our end-of-year conference in December 2022, the team shared their thoughts on the strength of EiB, and the response was unanimous.

Frances, Professional Head of Bid Writing and Senior Bid Writer, said: “I think EiB’s biggest strength is the diversity of its staff. We have a huge variance in age, experience and knowledge. We represent a wide range of skills in a wide range of sectors and service industries. We can produce diverse teams, providing customers with confidence in a mix of what they perceive to be experience bolstered by fresh ideas and innovation.”

Jess, Bid Director, said: “This one for me is easy – it’s our people. I work with some of the best in the industry. I continually learn from my colleagues – directors, managers or writers – on improved ways of working. There are no egos or politics, which cultivates honest, open and real working relationships so that we can help and uplift one other. We recruit the best people from a wide pool of talent and develop and upskill them in their roles to contribute to the growth of the business. Our people are heard. As a result, we get the best out of people who continue to like working here.”

Caitlin, Professional Development Director and Bid Manager, said: “The people! We have an excellent culture and work as a close-knit team despite working on separate projects across the country. We share learning and best practices and genuinely care about how we can better support each other as individuals and grow the business.”

Imogen, Bid Writer, said: “I believe EiB’s biggest strength is its people. As an organisation, we are spread across the UK, yet our collaboration ensures the team still feels close-knit. Our flat structure and open communication approach provides the opportunity to share best practices, so we can continually strive to deliver the best results for our clients. I joined EiB during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the team has helped me continually develop my skills to work well in both remote working and on-site environments.”

Work winning, bid management and bid writing are inherently hard work, deadline driven, high pressured and unique. The importance of a good team cannot be underestimated; as such, our focus remains solidly on our people in 2023 and beyond.