EiB Work Winning Services

Our end-to-end process is tailored to suit your needs, with our in-house team providing the support to deliver success

Bid strategy

We will apply our strategic approach in supporting your bid strategy development, working closely with you to develop win themes that will be embedded in your quality submission. We will draw upon our extensive toolkit, with tools such as ‘win strategy on a page’, to strengthen your approach throughout the bid process.

Bid management

Our highly experienced bid managers will manage your bid programme with a flexible approach to get the best out of your team while building and implementing an integrated one-team approach. We coordinate the deliverables and work with multiple stakeholders to ensure the programme remains on track and escalates risks that pose a challenge to the programme to facilitate appropriate mitigations. Working with your team, we facilitate key meetings, acting as client liaisons as required.

Bid writing

Our bid writers combine their technical sector experience with expert copywriting skills at all stages of the bid life cycle to craft compelling responses. We will encourage the involvement of our bid writers during solution development, ensuring they have an in-depth understanding of your solution to write a narrative that conveys your win themes and strategy. Our editing process is woven into all aspects of bid production.

Bid review and challenge

We will work with you using a stage gate review process to examine the submission iteratively across its development. We can facilitate the review process and provide reviewers to check and challenge your solution, depending on your requirements.

Our review process

  • Answer plan review: challenging the structure of the response, the content captured during initial answer planning sessions, the relevance of evidence and the value of proposed case studies.
  • First draft review: checking compliance of the response in line with question requirements.
  • Strategy and content review: challenging the win themes and alignment with client drivers, as well as alignment with the operational and commercial solutions.
  • Final review and sign-off: ensuring a compelling narrative, with consistency in language, style and grammar in all responses.

Commercial submission

We will work with you to bring the commercial and quality workstreams together to ensure alignment across the quality submission and that the proposed solutions are realistic, costed and deliverable in the commercial envelope.

Learning and legacy

Following submission, we will facilitate a ‘lessons learnt’ session to provide succinct and tangible learning that can be carried into future bids. We will also provide any materials used and any work produced using our EiB Toolkit.