The EiB Way

Guiding the delivery of assured approach

The EiB Way underpins our culture and builds upon our 30 years’ experience, providing a client focused, high quality, end-to-end bid management and writing approach. The EiB Way is flexible and can be structured to align with the client’s needs and the bid process. It is reinforced by our dedicated and knowledgeable team. This includes our EiB Toolkit with tools including win books and storyboards to complement the end-to-end process and to support succesful bid completion.

The EiB Way circle

The EiB Way guides how we deliver our approach as a method and framework that demonstrates the application of our process – translating the what to the how.

We do this by:

  • recruiting and developing exceptional talent with a team of strategic work winning professionals who bring cross-sector best practice
  • providing flexible director-led support to meet the bespoke needs of our clients
  • developing and bringing to our clients extensive sector knowledge through our in-house sector leads, e.g., renewables, energy, rail, highways, utilities, etc.
  • developing and bringing extensive solution knowledge to our clients from all sectors through our in-house solution leads, e.g., social value, environment, carbon, performance management, etc.
  • drawing on our toolkit of market-leading, cross-sector work winning processes and toolkit
  • fully integrating our team, collaborating with clients to achieve a one team approach
  • providing constructive challenge to our clients at all levels to minimise potential complacency and energise innovation in solution development
  • minimising the impact on operational delivery throughout the tender process.

We embed a culture across our team to challenge our clients constructively, integrating strategic thinking into the bid lifecycle. We can provide upfront capture and strategy throughout the bid lifecycle as our writers weave win themes into compelling responses aligned with the bid requirements.

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